Interview mit der NewYork Post- Mit Teyana

Mai 12, 2008

‚WHEN in doubt, wear Jordans,“ says 17-year-old Teyana Taylor, pointing down to her tiny feet. Genius out of the mouth of babes.
You may not know who she is, but just „Google Me,“ the title of her popular Internet single.

The good life is coming – Taylor recently moved out of Harlem and into a Trump property in Westchester – but Pharrell Williams‘ pretty protege prides herself on keeping it real.

„I wear a lot of Hell’s Belles, Diesel and a lot of Billionaire Boys Club,“ says Taylor,.

„Jeans, Jordans and a hat. It really don’t matter about the brand as long as they fit cute.“

Taylor is equal parts skater girl and Harlem princess with a twist of tomboy: Taverniti jeans, American Apparel hoodie, Cavalli necklace under a $5 boombox chain from and Jordans (duh).

She says her style is influenced by the streets of Harlem.

„If someone know they look fly, they’ll catwalk down the street because the street of Harlem is like a runway,“ she says.

Which explains why she put on a show at the neighborhood’s House of Hoops (268 W. 125 St.; 212-316-1667) – THE source for sneakers.

Taylor’s album „From a Planet Called Harlem“ (Star Trak/Interscope) is out June 17.


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