EMA 2009 Berlin

November 26, 2008

Die Ema kommen nach Deutschland nach München kommt jetzt Berlin 2009


2 Antworten to “EMA 2009 Berlin”

  1. @nette said

    I was wondering how I can buy tockets for the EMA show in Berlin from Norway? Or from USA?
    We are fans from Norway and US who wants to see Tokio Hotel. (And no, we’re not teens, we’re actually kindof old *laughts*) 🙂

    Hope you someone are able to help us out.



  2. Rena_tom said

    well i was wondering just the same.I want to come in Berlin for EMA with some other girls from Greece to see TH.We’re not all teens either 😛 anyway noone care about that i guess XD please,if you see it and can help us,let us know ❤

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