Devo Springsteen (born Devon Harris on December 9, 1977 in Columbus, GA) is a Grammy Award winning producer and songwriter. Springsteen launched the career of multi-platinum selling recording artist John Legend by signing him to Kanye West’s GOOD Music in 2003. Springsteen produced and co-wrote “So High”, “Live It Up”, and “Refuge (When it’s Cold Outside)” from Legend’s freshman album Get Lifted. Springsteen has also produced songs for The Last Poets, Ol‘ Dirty Bastard, Rhymefest, Estelle, Consequence, and won the Best Rap Song Grammy in 2006 for his production of “Diamonds (from Sierra Leone)” with Kanye West. In addition, he is a well known DJ featured at events in London, Sydney, Nairobi, Tokyo, and Johannesburg.

SinglesYear Title (Album) Artist/Project Label Released
2007 „What Y’all Came To Do“ Aretha Franklin J Records
2007 „Misunderstood“ Common GOOD Music
2007 „Always Lovin‘ You“ Kreesha Turner Virgin
2007 „Celebrate“ Cassidy J Records
2007 „Sweeter“ Estelle Homeschool/Atlantic
2007 „Come Together“ Estelle Homeschool/Atlantic
2007 „Blowin‘ My Phone Up“ Consequence Sony/Columbia
2006 „Let There Be Light“ (Hip Hop Is Dead) Nas IDJ/Sony/Def Jam
2006 „Stereo“ (Once Again) John Legend Sony/Columbia
2006 „My Love, My Life“ GLC GOOD Music
2006 „When I Was…“ Rhymefest J Records
2006 „Back In The Day“ The Last Poets Jambetta
2005 „Diamonds (from Sierra Leone)“ (Late Registration) Kanye West Roc-a-fella/IDJ
2004 „Refuge (When It’s Cold Outside)“ (Get Lifted) John Legend Sony/Columbia
2004 „So High“ (Get Lifted) John Legend Sony/Columbia
2004 „Live It Up“ (Get Lifted) John Legend Sony/Columbia
2004 „Sunkist Sunlab Radio“ Dr Pepper/Sunkist Soda Radio Spot
2004 „And You Say“ Consequence SureShot Records
2003 „Summer Beach House Direct Effect Theme“ MTV TV Spot



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