Here Comes the Fuzz
1. This DJ (LP Version) Reinhören
2. Bluegrass Stain’d (featuring Nappy Roots & Anthony Hamilton (LP Version) Reinhören
3. Ooh Wee (Featuring Ghostface & Nate Dogg) (LP Version) Reinhören
4. High (featuring Aya) (LP Version) Reinhören
5. I Suck (featuring Rivers Cuomo) (LP Version) Reinhören
6. International Affair (featuring Sean Paul & Tweet) (LP Version) Reinhören
7. Diduntdidunt (featuring Saigon) (LP Version) Reinhören
8. On The Run (Featuring Mos Def & MOP) (LP Version) Reinhören
9. Here Comes The Fuzz (featuring Freeway & Nikka Costa) (LP Version) Reinhören
10. Bout To Get Ugly (featuring Rhymefest & Anthony Hamilton) (LP Version) Reinhören
11. She’s Got Me (featuring Daniel Merriweather) (LP Version) Reinhören
12. Tomorrow (featuring Q-Tip & Debi Nova) (LP Version) Reinhören
13. Rashi (Outro) (LP Version)


1. God put a smile upon your face
2. Oh my God
3. Stop me
4. Toxic
5. Valerie
6. Apply some pressure
7. Inversion
8. Pretty green
9. Just
10. Amy
11. The only one I know
12. Diversion Reinhören
13. Lsf Reinhören
14. Outversion


2001 Like A Feather Nikka Costa

2002 School’s In J-Live

2004 City Rules Daniel Merriweather (feat. Saigon)

2004 She’s Got Me Daniel Merriweather

2005 These Days Rhymefest

2006 Lovelight Robbie Williams

2006 Littlest Things Lily Allen 21

2006 Rehab Amy Winehouse

2007 Bongo Bong and Je Ne T’Aime Plus Robbie Williams (feat. Lily Allen)

2007 You Know I’m No Good Amy Winehouse

2007 Valerie Amy Winehouse (feat. Mark Ronson)

2007 Back To Black Amy Winehouse

2007 Oh My God Lily Allen (feat. Mark Ronson)

2007 One More Chance Candie Payne

2007 Slow Down Baby Christina Aguilera

2007 Wake Up Call (Remix) Maroon 5 (feat. Mary J. Blige)

2007 Love Is A Losing Game Amy Winehouse

2008 You Don’t Know What Love Is[citation needed] Daniel Merriweather


Kaiser Chiefs_TBA



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